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Mission & history

SOLTI’s mission is to promote excellence in clinical research among our members by developing translational-oriented clinical studies and fostering international collaborations in order to improve the prognosis and well-being of breast cancer patients. 

Group history

1993    Constitution of the group                                                                                       
SOLTI is created by a Constitutive Committee with the aim of promoting the development of specific study and research programs in solid tumors. 

1995    Constitution of the association  

SOLTI is established as a non-profit association, according to the current legislation. 

1999    Definition of fields of action
SOLTI focuses its field of activity in treatments with chemotherapy in solid tumors (essentially in breast cancer) and other experimental treatments. 

2002    Strategic evolution
The group begins its participation in multinational studies lead by international cooperative groups and the pharmaceutical industry. 

2003    Consolidation of the role of SOLTI’s headquarters

SOLTI strengthens its operations office in order to coordinate the design and development of clinical trials and thus consolidate its leadership in clinical and translational research in breast cancer.

2008    Redefinition of the group activity
SOLTI redirects its activity towards participation in innovative clinical trials and translational research. 

2009    First SOLTI event
The group organizes its first Annual Meeting, intended as a meeting and interaction point between different specialists involved in breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and research.  

2010    Inspiring young researchers
SOLTI drives the Young Researchers Program, under which is organized the first edition of the Designing a Clinical Trial for Young Researchers Workshop, to promote clinical research among the new generations. 
2013    Together with patients
SOLTI launches ACTIVAS, the Integral Information Program for the Active Participation of Breast Cancer Patients to provide them information on clinical trials with the purpose that they can become active participants in making decisions about their treatment. 


  • SOLTI 20th anniversary
  • ACTIVAS study presentation

Presentation of qualitative results of the ACTIVAS study, a pioneering study in Spain on the needs and experiences of women affected by breast cancer and participation in clinical trials.

  • HQ consolidation

SOLTI strengthens its Central Office with the incorporation of new professional profiles.

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